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Which Oscar You’ll Win, According to Your Sign
The Academy Awards ceremony the end. And this is a nice reason to check which Award you deserve. Even knowing there is hardly an Oscar coming to our pocket, why not dream a bit? We have matched the brightest nominations to all the zodiac signs and suggest you check which Oscar could adorn your mantelpiece!
Your Labor Day Weekend Horoscope
The first Monday of September is traditionally celebrated as Labor Day, a public holiday honoring the contribution of workers to the US prosperity. We enjoy the last warm summer days and are ready to spend the day relaxing or joining an awesome party. How to make your Labor Day holiday truly special? Read our tips for each zodiac sign and prepare to have marvelous Labor Day!
Your Sign's Horoscope: What to Expect From August
A Full Moon at the very beginning of the month, a New Moon in the middle of it, and the Sun moving through Virgo at the end. What does it mean for your sign? Read on to find out what this month will bring you!
Strongest Emotion of Your Zodiac Sign and How You Express It
Every zodiac sign can boast of good qualities and regret qualities that make them not so good they could be. They have different feelings and emotions, too, and some emotions are brighter in a particular sign than any other. Which emotion is the most typical one for you and how do you normally express it? Check your sign to find it out!
A perfect pet companion for each zodiac sign!
Your pet is your reflection, your friend, and your infallible supporter. It will comfort you, relieve your pain, if necessary, and will never fault you for anything you say or do. How to choose a perfect animal? Have a look at our zodiac pet guide to get the answer!