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Exploring the 12 Houses in Astrology
Any modern astrologer will tell you that analyzing placements in the 12 houses is necessary to interpret birth charts. We can glean so much by looking at the energy of a planet or sign in a house and are able to construct a fuller understanding of how energies will appear for us in this lifetime.
North Nodes and South Nodes: All About Your Past and Purpose
Looking for the first step to who you were meant to be? Your North and South Node may just be the place to start your journey!
Your Type of Love Compatibility
Find out how compatible you and your partner really are!
Combine Your Power: Using Runes AND Zodiac to Discover Your Path
Do you read everything you can find about your Zodiac sign to help you feel more connected, more in control, or even just more... you? Using multiple facets of spirituality and divination not only heightens your knowledge but can also intensify who you are as a being. Today, let’s look at one of those facets. Come see how the Runes are another necessary piece to the wondrous puzzle that is you!
Sun in Virgo
On August 23, the Sun moved into the sign of Virgo, which signals a certain collective shift of focus for all Zodiac signs. But what exactly does it mean for YOUR sign? Should you expect success or failure? Read on to find out what happens next!