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How to Get Along with Chinese Zodiac Signs

Just like the regular Zodiac, Chinese animals endow people with different personality traits. But you can learn a few tricks below to effectively find the best approach to each oriental sign!
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What is the best way to communicate with Chinese zodiac signs?

How to get a long with Ox?

How to get along with ox?

When it comes to expressing their feelings, Oxen can be quite shy. One would need time to get to know what an Ox is like beneath his/her thick shell. In fact, one would also need lots of tact to approach Oxen, as they are extremely subjective, intolerant and stubborn. A misunderstanding with Oxen will very seldom result in a compromise, because it is almost impossible to make them hear the other side of the situation. Moreover, they love to be in the spotlight, so one should think twice before trying to steal their thunder.

How to get along with Rats?

Rats love to speak, be it complaining, commenting or just babbling, this is why if you want to make friends with a Rat, you should learn to listen. However, Rats are not keen listeners themselves, so if you want to help them with advice, you’d better not waste your time. Instead, try to treat them with sincerity if you want to earn their trust, as Rats always doubt the reason why people want to make friends with them. They especially dislike those who try to borrow from them, because they are very careful with money and try to maintain a thrifty lifestyle.

How to get along with Tigers?

Talkative Tigers need someone to listen to them always, so if you want to make friends with them, pay attention to what they have to say. Moreover, Tigers can’t stand being criticized in public, so you should not even think of trying to point out to their mistakes elsewhere, but in private; otherwise they will nurse the grudge and avenge the offence. Tigers are born winners; for them, even the tiniest competition matters. This is why you should by no means try to overshadow their achievements, no matter how small they are. When a decision has to be made, they want to be the one who has the final say. So, if you want to pitch your idea to a Tiger, you’d better be as tactful and convincing as you can.

How to get along with Rabbits?

How to get along with Rabbits

Rabbits fall in love easily; sometimes there may be more than person they have feelings for simultaneously. So, if you want to build a long-standing relationship with them, you should not hover over trying to control their every step. Give Rabbits room for maneuver, and they will be happy to stay by your side. Help them take important decisions, because they always need a little guidance to sort through serious matters. However, don’t try to make decisions for them – help them believe in their own power instead. Try to keep Rabbits entertained, otherwise they will soon feel bored with regular life events. And by all means try to prove you are trustworthy, as Rabbits are a little paranoid about their privacy.

How to get along with Dragons?

Dragons are attracted to creative and artistic personalities. They love to be praised, and there is actually a lot one can praise them for. However, their intelligence can make them slightly arrogant; they are born leaders, but tend to emphasize the bad things in others thinking this will help. Unfortunately, if one tries to retort, it will only lead to more criticism or even vengeance. Due to their inflexibility, Dragons do not easily forgive, so it would be best if you did not offend them. Oh, and if your try to bind your Dragon partner with family ties or responsibility, they will just walk away.

How to get along with Horses?

How to get along with Horses

Horses are free spirits, so one should give them space and never bother them with questions: despite their frankness, Horses are quite reluctant speakers, so you will just waste your time trying to squeeze the details out of them when they no longer feel like talking anymore. Clothes make one of the most important aspects of life for Horses, so you should try to compliment them on the way they are dressed as often as you can, especially if the look they are rocking is totally new. It’s difficult for them to accept advice from others, so if you want to help a Horse, you need to be as subtle and tactful as possible.

How to get along with Sheep?

Sheep are not the bravest sign of the Chinese zodiac, so making them open up to you would take a while. They need encouragement to feel at ease. If you have feeling for a Sheep, pour your heart out to them right away, as they are too shy to make the first step. A Sheep spouse needs lots of care and as little confrontation as possible. If you notice that your Sheep partner is blue, hurry up to entertain them with a trip to the outside world and effective communication, otherwise they will soak up stress like a sponge until it is dripping, because Sheep hate bothering others with their problems.

How to get along with Monkeys?

A Monkey friend or partner will tax your patience at all times, as they are extremely impetuous. You will have to sweat your guts out to find a way to calm down the irritable sign. However, by the time you find it they will have already got into trouble and drag you with them, so you will have to look for another solution. And if there is none, just stay by their side and endure difficulties together. But don’t you try to ward off trouble by restricting Monkeys’ freedom – they won’t stand an intervention like that. All they need is a little trust.

How to get along with Snakes?

How to get along with Snakes

Snakes are typically thought to be cold-blooded, which is not true, as they are in fact quite sensitive, but prefer not to show their weaknesses to the world. Adopt an inductive manner of communication when talking to Snakes, as they need to feel that you understand them. They are great skeptics, so you should prove you an honest person to get close to them. Moreover, Snakes are a bit narcissistic; they will feel extremely jealous if you try to show off in front of them and may even take a stand against you. Once you chose a Snake as your life-long partner, you are supposed to be wild about them always.

How to get along with Roosters?

Give Roosters some space, as they love their life to be free and relaxing. They prize their privacy and hate to be interrupted when they are speaking their mind. Troubles often irritate Roosters, but you just need to be more patient with them and show understanding if you want your relationship to last.

How to get along with Dogs?

Dogs value freedom in a relationship above all other things. Be patient with them, give them their privacy, don’t push or demand. Dogs may stumble upon important decisions, but they are sure to cope with them in due time and with reasonable advice. But you should never try to offer ready-made decisions to them before you listen to their view of the problem. Dogs are independent souls, but they need encouragement to feel confident in their strength.

How to get along with Pigs?

Pigs don’t pay too much attention to minor things. They effectively build personal relationships, but like to discuss and even judge others behind their backs. It’s not too hard to bring them to the boil, but Pigs never nurse grudges, they let go of negative emotions very quickly. They are straightforward and not too subtle with words, which means they may easily hurt other people’s feelings. But if you are patient enough, you will enjoy making friends with a Pig.