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The Strong Sides of Chinese Zodiac Signs

It is very easy to metaphorically associate every Chinese Zodiac animal with certain human qualities. But don’t rely on the first thing that comes to your mind – read about every sign’s strengths in full and get ready to be surprised!
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What strengths do you have thanks to your Chinese Zodiac Sign?


Strengths: alertness, flexibility, observation.
Rats are sociable, optimistic and jovial. They know not only how to make friends with anyone, but also how to be a truly good friend. Rats make brilliant spouses, both male and female, very tender, industrious and sagacious. Any job they do will result in a success, because they easily adapt to changes of the circumstance, have very acute instincts and never stress out. Even if they achieve enough to sustain a thrifty lifestyle, Rats will never stop working hard or doing their best. They are not afraid of difficulties; they face challenges with an open mind and a positive outlook. In fact, for them, disasters are only a chance to exercise in resourcefulness.


The Strong Sides of Ox

Strengths: patience, persistence, cautiousness.
Slow, but steady, Oxen hold on to the decisions they’ve made and accomplish everything they’ve started. But before they start, Oxen consider the matter properly, with no haste or hotheadedness. Changes in environment do not affect the stable Ox, nor do others' judgments. Their faith is strong, their will is powerful, so there is no goal they cannot achieve. They make a thorough plan and follow it through thanks to their inborn diligence and independence. Reliable and honest, Oxen make great friends and business partners. They are very caring and attentive parents and spouses, and they stay extremely good children even when they grow up. Oxen value peace and treat others equally.


Strengths: determination, honesty, reliability.
Strong-willed and confident, Tigers never regret what they have said or done, nor change their mind easily once they’ve made it up. They have an air of grandeur about them that always impresses people around and produces an image of authority and power. Tigers speak their mind freely, they make no mystery about their intentions and attitudes, and this is why people find it easy to trust them. Tigers are focused on success and do their best to achieve it, but mostly because they can’t deal with failures well enough. They have an exceptional sense of justice and eagerly help others resolve their problems and conflicts.


Strengths: politeness, cautiousness, responsibility.
Easygoing and tactful, Rabbits know how to handle human relationships. They set great store on dressing tastefully and decently, and this aspect also helps them become popular. The first impression they produce on people is usually good. Rabbits have many friends, to whom they are always loyal and honest. They know the value of favors and promises. It’s a blessing to work with a Rabbit – they are brilliant team players and never put too much emphasis on their own achievements. They know how to be grateful, to their parents in particular. To Rabbits, family will always be in the first place.


The Strong Sides of Dragon

Strengths: ambition, stamina, leadership qualities.
Ambitious and powerful, Dragons are born leaders. In fact, people willingly do what Dragons tell them to. They possess exceptional knowledge and a drive to achieve goals and dreams. If they know what they need to achieve, nothing can stop them from accomplishing the task. Dragons love a good adventure and have enough energy to cope with the hardest and the longest one. They are passionate, eloquent speakers, whatever they say has weight and meaning. Another valuable gift Dragons have is constant luck that helps them accomplish anything they have set their mind to.


Strengths: decency, eloquence, sophistication.
Enthusiastic and romantic, Snakes are fun and comfortable to be around. For the most part, they are nonchalant, but really charming and eloquent, always ready to crack a new joke. Snakes are not quick-tempered, they think twice before they start feeling angry. In fact, Snakes are very good thinkers, analyzers, and decision-makers; they know how to create various things, most probably because they have a detailed plan and visualization of the final result. Snakes have clear career goals and a schedule they follow to achieve them one by one. When faced with challenges, Snakes stay calm and think rationally. Moreover, they can find numerous opportunities to resolve the problem and never miss a chance.


Strengths: generosity, independence, romantic mindset.
Friendly and generous, Horses can liven up the gloomiest atmosphere and infuse every situation with harmony. They make friends easily, but when it comes to overcoming challenges, Horses do not need anybody’s help. Their independence, vitality and unwillingness to give up help them find a way out on their own. Moreover, they can climb to a very high step of the career ladder very early in their life thanks to the said qualities. Horses have a positive outlook on life, which they eagerly pass on to friends and relatives. They have strong leadership qualities and eloquence, but, what’s more important, they can see other people’s thoughts and intentions. They are quick and avid learners, too. Male Horses are usually very romantic and love to treat their significant other to numerous surprises.


The Strong Sides of Sheep

Strengths: diligence, persistence, strong budgeting skills
Practical and diligent, Sheep don’t focus much on what others have to say about them – they care more about their own moral principles and do only the things they believe to be right. They make wonderful business partners, very reliable and considerate. Sheep marshal their money wisely and know how to save a lot for a rainy day. They don’t usually grow up to be tall or physically strong, but they are very persistent. They need a leader to follow and perform extremely well if the leader favors them. But their greatest obedience belongs with their parents.


Strengths: sharp wit, independence, honesty, cordiality, optimism.
Those born in the Year of the Monkey are extremely capable and wise. Their brilliant mind produces smart ideas non-stop, since the very young age, and this is when Monkeys are very often recognized as exceptional. They have a unique perspective of all things and a sharp foresight that borders on prophetic powers, which help them grow as a personality and a professional. Monkeys are good at setting goals and achieving them. They are very popular with others due to their kind spirit and amicability. They are really helpful, too, and can infect everyone around with their upbeat attitude to life.


Strengths: self-consistence, sociability, capability.

Roosters are honest, thoughtful, capable and kind. They are usually born very pretty or handsome, so they often dress to impress. Roosters have strong self-respect and great ambition; they don’t rely on anybody else to achieve their goals. They are quick-witted, but hot-tempered, too. They like to be busy; in fact, they hate to fall behind and everyone who does so. They follow a plan and a schedule to complete everything in time. This skillful self-organization makes them extremely efficient. Roosters often put forward brilliant solutions and ideas of improvement at work; this is why they can get promoted at a very young age.


The Strong Sides of Dog

Strengths: insistence, activity, even temper.
Those born in the Year of the Dog are faithful, agile, courageous and smart. They have a kind heart, too; this is why many people entrust them with secrets. Dogs are brilliant leaders; they know how to inspire people. They are very stable and do not change to adapt to the circumstances. Not even when they fall in love. In fact, at times Dogs can even get extremely stubborn! But it should be noted that each of these times is the right time to exercise in stubbornness.


Strengths: good temper, positive outlook on life, loyalty.
Those born in the Year of the Pig are frank, tolerant and honest. They are also very tactful and may even be chivalrous in nature. Their appearance is calm, their heart – strong. Pigs are known to achieve goals with the use of strength, that’s true, but they make very loyal and virtuous friends once they get to know you better. Tolerant and optimistic, they are not afraid of problems – they work out a solution step by step. Pigs may be quick-tempered, but they are lighthearted and treat friends with great sincerity. And they almost never tell lies.