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The Strong Sides of Chinese Zodiac Signs

2021, 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961, 1949, 1937

Strengths: patience, persistence, cautiousness

Slow, but steady, Oxen hold on to the decisions they’ve made and accomplish everything they’ve started. But before they start, Oxen consider the matter properly, with no haste or hotheadedness. Changes in environment do not affect the stable Ox, nor do others' judgments. Their faith is strong, their will is powerful, so there is no goal they cannot achieve.

They make a thorough plan and follow it through thanks to their inborn diligence and independence. Reliable and honest, Oxen make great friends and business partners. They are very caring and attentive parents and spouses, and they stay extremely good children even when they grow up. Oxen value peace and treat others equally.