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What Are Your Career Prospects According to the Chinese Zodiac Sign?

According to Chinese lunar calendar, every year is represented by one of the 12 zodiacal animals that affect not only our personality but our professional life, too! Learn what career is right for you based on your sign!
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Learn more about your career prospects!


As a Rat, you are likely to become a business shark. If you were born in the morning, you are able to feel it in your bones when a business opportunity is knocking on the door. However, you are not persistent enough, so this opportunity is likely to slip through your fingers. On the other hand, if you don’t play big you won’t lose big. You phase of success usually starts in your 50s. This is a perfect age for you to start your own business.
As far as Rats born in the afternoon are concerned, they are highly organized people. You generally live a stable life and avoid bringing drama into your life. You are likely to amount to something really incredible, as you are an efficient and effective employee.
If you were born in the evening, try to be less arrogant! Don’t let little success go to your head! It’s essential for you to find a well-matched partner who will help you set your goals high.
By and large, you should choose a career for creative people. Besides, you are a gifted person, so don’t bury your talents.
Best Jobs for Rats:
doctor, playwright, stock analyst, scientist.


Your path to success is generally smooth. Your determinedness and willingness to succeed never goes unnoticed. Besides, you are stress-resistant which helps you deal with the issues other signs won’t be able to cope with. Your persistence will serve you well, too. Therefore, if you don’t change careers or jobs too often, your chances of getting promotions and earning respect of your boss are very high. If you decide to start your own business, you are likely to become a successful entrepreneur, as you will be able to use your talents and diplomatic skills to the fullest. To put it in a nutshell, if you work hard, you will be able to rake in money! However, you should be careful, as the more successful you are, the more people envy you. As an Ox, you are sympathetic and understanding; you tend to rely on your intuition, so you should avoid mathematics-related professions. You better choose a career related to art or design.
Best jobs for Oxen:
doctor, lawyer, writer, teacher, socialist, entrepreneur, office assistant.


Career Prospects for Tiger

You are goal-oriented and persistent when it comes to work. You are able to take prompt and reasonable decisions and employ new methods and techniques. Your desire to succeed is really enormous, so you often neglect your social life and let your professional life come first. As far as your career is concerned, your motto is the end justifies the means. Indeed, nothing can lead you astray once you identify your goal! You are an inborn leader, so there are a lot of successful top managers among Tigers. You don’t seek easy solutions – challenges help you keep your mind sharp. You are responsible, hardworking and ambitious. Therefore, if you launch a business, it will definitely flourish. You usually come up with unusual and fresh ideas; besides you organizational skills are really impressive, that’s why when thinking about your career path, you should choose a career in management or politics.
Best jobs for Tigers:
manager, politician, economist, police, entrepreneur, explorer.


You have a talent for making valuable contacts and a sharp mind which increases you chances of becoming a business shark! Office work is not for you, though if you decide to work in an office environment you will be able to amount to something really incredible, as you are a responsible and reliable employee able to devote yourself to your career. Besides, you can succeed in politics and economy, for you are a good leader. Your persistence helps you move mountains and accomplish various tasks. When choosing a job, you should take into consideration your exceptional communication skills. You have a gift of the gab. Besides, you always try to avoid conflict situations and to find a compromise. Therefore, as a Rabbit, you can become a wonderful teacher!
Best jobs for Rabbits:
gardener, teacher, pharmacist, military officer, politician, public relation manager, translator, bank staff.


Dragons give very much importance to their career. Your abilities to solve problems, motivate other people and manage your time wisely make you a great leader. Besides, your negotiation skills are fantastic. You are always excited about what you are doing, so you almost never feel burned out. Your enthusiasm is highly infectious! You are extremely good at business affairs. You are able to run your business smoothly. If you decide to start you own business, then you better do this before you are 35. After 35, you won’t be as lucky as before. So you will have to work harder, if you want to succeed. You are a talented person, so you are eager to try your hand at different occupations. Office work is able to kill your enthusiasm. You are a creative person able to think out of the box. Therefore, you are likely to succeed in careers related to art. However, you may as well choose a career in politics and become a notable political figure.
Best jobs for Dragons:
architect, politician, economist, doctor, café owner, athlete, writer, artist, actor, fashion designer.


Career Prospects for Snake

As a Snake, you are a deep-thinker. You have a sharp mind; thus, Snakes can become outstanding historians or journalists. Moreover, you are able to take reasonable decisions when a problem comes to a head. You are able to keep a cool head in stressful situations, as you never let emotions overrule reason. In additional to this, you have an excellent memory – you remember every tiny detail about your clients that can serve you well in future. This endears clients to you. Being a responsible employee and an inborn leader, Snakes climb the career ladder faster than the representatives of other signs. However, Snakes are not good at business affairs. Thus, if you are self-employed, you should avoid making big investments. Oftentimes, office work is not the thing for you. You have a good imagination, so you should find a job that will help you use it to the fullest.
Best jobs for Snakes:
fashion designer, gardener, educator, conductor, writer, composer, journalist.


Horses are friendly and amiable people. They generally have a lot of friends they can rely on in case of a predicament. This is also true when it comes to problems at work. At the beginning of your career, you generally make impressive progress; however, once you achieve your goal, for example, get a promotion, you prefer resting on your laurels to moving forward. Horses are likely to run a successful small business. You possess exceptional communication skills, so you get along well with your colleagues and boss. One area to watch is that of being a bit stubborn and pushy at times, as sometimes you can’t help ordering people about. However, you know that effective teamwork is the key to success; so by and large, you are an effective team player. Moreover, you show immense eagerness to broaden your horizons, and you don’t mind working in an office environment, that’s why you should decide among science-related occupations or choose a career related to social intercourse.
Best jobs for Horses:
sales rep, publicist, speaker, journalist, tour operator, or librarian.


You are a gifted person – don’t bury your talents, as you can use them to the fullest while making a career. Sheep representatives are graceful people who have refined manners. You are a creative person with a talent for art. Moreover, you are inclined to think out of the box, as you have a very good imagination that helps you come up with fresh ideas. If you decide to choose a career related to art, then consider careers in music, as you have a good ear for music. Besides, you can become an excellent doctor. Starting a business will be a bad idea for a Sheep, as Sheep people are not good at business affairs.
Best jobs for Sheep:
artist, writer, philosopher, musician, conductor, composer, doctor, pharmacist, teacher.


Career Prospects for Monkey

Monkeys can quickly adapt and, what’s more important, response to change which helps them be competent in whatever career they choose. They have a gift of the gab and have a sharp logical mind. This makes them especially good at careers related to social intercourse. They generally get along well with clients, colleagues and the boss. As a Monkey, you possess leadership skills, so when engaged in a teamwork activity, you try to dominate and give commands. However, Monkeys lack persistence; they often change jobs and careers, as the most important thing for them is to enjoy what they are doing. Your excellent communication skills will help you build a successful career related to social intercourse.
Best jobs for Monkeys:
diplomatist, journalist, writer, entertainer.


Rooster is a very enthusiastic sign. You enjoy challenging yourself at work, so you take new tasks with eager eyes. Taking into consideration your creative thinking, you are able to think out of the box and employ new methods at work. As a Rooster, you are observant and confident, so you generally don’t have troubles communicating with people. Your colleagues really adore you! Moreover, you are able to prioritize which helps you keep deadlines successfully. Besides, you are really bright and resourceful. Therefore, Roosters – especially when young – are able to amount to something really incredible and earn respect of their colleagues. However, Roosters don’t have innate leadership skills, so they can hardly gain success when running their own business. When choosing a career you should decide among careers related to intelligence, design, or creation.
Best jobs for Roosters:
politician, police, athlete, fashion designer, beautician.


Dogs usually come up with wonderful ideas but they have troubles applying them into practice. When it comes to professional life, your major weakness is that you lack practical experience. Therefore, to use your creative thinking to the fullest, there must be a senior colleague who will guide you. Dogs rarely change jobs or careers – they are very loyal employees. As a Dog, you are able to keep deadlines successfully which helps you earn respect of your boss. Moreover, bosses trust and value their Dog employees. Therefore, you have good chances to get promotions especially when young or in your middle ages. Dogs generally have a stable income but they rarely make lots of money. As a Dog, you are an enthusiastic, optimistic, and open-hearted person. Thus, you should choose a career related to social intercourse. On the other hand, you should also take into consideration your constant desire to challenge yourself at work.
Best jobs for Dogs:
doctor, teacher, lawyer, writer, politician, judge, accountant, civil servant, programmer, philosopher.


Career Prospects for Pig

Pig representatives are usually patient and persistent. Their willingness to succeed is really impressive. Pigs are inclined to set their goals high. Once they identify their goal they will move mountains to achieve it. Besides, Pigs are clever and optimistic. Their enthusiasm is able to inspire their colleagues. They are able to create a positive work environment. As a Pig, you should choose careers in education or public affairs. On the other hand, your constant thirst for knowledge will serve you well if you choose a career in science or art fields. Pigs hate being ordered about; besides, they are not as stress-resistant as other signs. So, you better choose a low-stress job.
Best jobs for Pigs:
teacher, artist, salesman, or scientist.