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What Traits of Character Can you Fix Based on Your Chinese Sign?

Everyone’s a bit of a fixer-upper, that’s true, not only a character from the famous 2013 animation. But just like the character, everyone can fix their flaws if they know what to pay special attention to.
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What can Chinese sign fix in their character?


What needs to be fixed: stubbornness, lack of persistence.
A problem that pops up activates a Rat’s whining mode. No one knows how to shoulder all that criticism and complaints you are producing, especially if Rats notice a flaw in others, and this often leads to involuntary offences.

Their stubbornness doesn’t let them listen to others’ advice. Moreover, Rats prefer to rely on their instinct too much; no matter how sharp it is, this may be interpreted as haughtiness. Their lack of persistence doesn’t let them stay in one job long enough or focus on a single thing.


What Traits of Character Can Ox fix

What needs to be fixed: stubbornness, petulance, tardiness.
Oxen are too stubborn to change their mind. But the slowness with which they do everything and the unwillingness to accept help or advice from others often, if not always, reduces the efficiency of their work to average. Oxen are prone to mood swings, petulant and irritable, and yet too stiff to accept change and adapt to circumstance.
When a situation does not offer an external motivator, Oxen tend to become clumsy and loose. They are not very skillful at romantic relationship, can’t sugarcoat or speak in public and stress out each time they have to do it.


What needs to be fixed: garrulousness, stubbornness, aggressiveness, egotism.
Inexplicable, but true: Tigers combine clashing traits in their nature. They can be talkative and then reticent, enthusiastic and inspiring and then aggressive. They are confident about the correctness of their ideas up to a point where rejection leads to an outburst of anger.
It’s hard to have a Tiger in a team: s/he is too eager to strive for success, but only if it can be achieved over a short period of time. Whenever Tiger faces failure, s/he gets depressed. Victory is one of the main attributes of their happiness; they don’t understand compromise and have to have the last word in every argument. Their relationship is not romantic enough, because they have to control every affair of their family. And sometimes self-centeredness prevents them from finding true friends.


What needs to be fixed: indecisiveness, timidity, foolhardiness.
Rabbits can rarely feel at ease – they are always nervous about something. Overly cautious, hesitant and conservative, they never do anything on the spot, despite the ambition they have. They tend to overcome challenges by escapism.
Rabbits are so sentimental that it is hard to understand what their true feelings are. Their love life flows from day to day, without any preparation for the future on their part. Rabbits like peace and smoothness in their lives, but sometimes even they get tired of the monotony of their lifestyle.


What Traits of Character Can Dragon fix

What needs to be fixed: arrogance, relentlessness, elusiveness.
For the most part, Dragons seem to be aloof, but at times they get so arrogant that people steer clear of them. Dragons are usually very lucky, but this often leads to insufficient diligence and, as a result, failure, when luck abandons them.
Dragons make extremely strict superiors, relentlessly critical of the smallest mistake. If they feel that the outcome of their efforts may differ from the one that they have planned or if they bump into a little obstacle, Dragons often give up. It’s unbearable for them to suffer or wait; they want what they want here and now.


What needs to be fixed: suspiciousness, stinginess, laziness.
Snakes do not eagerly show people their true self or reveal their weak sides and soft spots; this is why they most often have few real friends. People keep out of Snakes’ way, as the latter are suspicious and stingy. Another reason is their curiosity and love of gossip – Snakes tend to discuss others’ personal affairs behind their backs, at times creating incredible rumors.
Snakes have one more trait that needs to be fixed up – it’s their laziness. They have great ambitions, but lack persistence required to realize all of them. They often feel jealous, especially of those who achieve greater excellence, but never think of learning from them instead.


What needs to be fixed: extravagancy, vanity, stubbornness, outspokenness.
Horses are first-rate spenders; they can’t save or deposit their money wisely, let alone plan their budget for the long-term perspective. They live for the moment and never prepare for whatever occurrence future may bring. Horses tend to blurt out everything that’s on their mind; they seldom think of others’ feelings, which often leads to offences. It’s not a good idea to tell a secret to a Horse either, as they are leakers.
Excessive outspokenness often causes them trouble, both in personal and business affairs. Their lack of perseverance doesn’t let them achieve what they want. And they want a lot, due to their vanity. One would often find a Horse in front of the mirror, admiring their reflection. When taking decisions, Horses give priority to their own thoughts and often make wrong judgments because of their unwillingness to accept advice.


What Traits of Character Can sheep fix

What needs to be fixed: indecisiveness, timidity, vanity.
Sheep are pessimists. They tend to succumb to fate and love when they are flattered and attended. No matter if it is a personal or a business conversation, if you want to please a Sheep, pay them a compliment! However, in a romantic relationship this will not always do – when it comes to love, Sheep are shy and indecisive; they rarely confess their feelings.
In most situations, Sheep are too timid to act or take decisions. And still, everything that they need to fix up is not too bad. They can overcome any shortcoming if their will is strong enough and if they keep focus.


What needs to be fixed: quick temper, impetuousness, easy frustration.
Monkeys’ inborn liveliness makes them extremely impatient, and this is probably the trait that they need to work on most of all, as it causes infinite trouble. When the developments do not meet their expectations, Monkeys get upset easily and tend to get stuck in counterproductive fuss instead of looking for a solution.
Their stubbornness makes an imprint on every decision they make; the unwillingness to listen to others’ opinions and ideas is extreme. Failures make them act irrationally; small successes are perceived as a source of happiness, despite their transient nature. What’s more, they don’t have long-ranging plans to ensure greater success in the future.


What needs to be fixed: impatience, overconfidence, impressibility, preachy nature.
Roosters get enthused and lose interest very quickly. Their eccentricity doesn’t let them build solid relationships with people. Thinking they are always right, Roosters often criticize others. They like to preach and lecture, but seldom listen to what others have to say.
People born under the Chinese sign of Rooster are prone to mood swings. They can be selfish, narrow-minded and too confident in what they are saying and doing. But these shortcomings can easily be overcome, if Roosters smother their arrogance and speak with sincerity. In fact, these changes can help them not only deal with flaws, but achieve great progress.


What Traits of Character Can Dog fix

What needs to be fixed: lack of patience, conservatism, restlessness.
Dogs are attractive and appealing, and yet, they prefer to steer clear of others, because of their tendency to be emotionally cold and detached. They will by no means be the heart and soul of any party, because their love of criticism and sharp tongue combine into a wild mix that wards people off.
Often restless, Dogs are easily irritable and anxious for no particular reason. They like to theorize, and their thoughts are often very brave, but their actions seldom measure up to their ideas. In other words, Dogs lack practical expertise in many spheres.


What needs to be fixed: gullibility, slow-wittedness, lack of confidence.
Pigs tend to be trusting and even naïve; these qualities often make them fall for tricks and get into traps. Their inborn loyalty to friends and family doesn’t help them to be too popular, as their quick temper and impulsiveness stand in the way.
People born under the Chinese sign of Pig lack communication skills. They also lack sense of proportion, which becomes especially obvious when they try to play pranks on people – Pigs just do not know when it’s time to stop and often cross the line.