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Chinese Alternatives to Halloween
While Halloween is not popular among the Chinese, there are other traditional days of the dead that are well-known and widely celebrated. Find out more!
Thanksgiving in China
Thanksgiving is not at all popular in China, and yet, there is a lot to learn about the holiday!
Christmas in China
While Christmas is not popular among the Chinese, some beautiful traditions are still observed. Find out more!
Karma and Future Prediction For All Signs
There can be two types of karma – good or bad. In most people’s lives, these two karma types are balanced, but it’s a much more difficult task to avoid bad karma and have only good one. Sometimes you can do a generally good thing which later becomes bad either for you or for somebody else. Check the karmic tendencies of your zodiac sign to avoid problems in the future, and to attract good karma only!
Your Sign’s Alter Ego
There is an interesting fact about people – we all have many sides, and hardly any of us can be called normal. We believe we should be “normal” and do “normal” things. We know it well that we all deviate from “normality.” What can we do? Of course, to try to conform to our attempts and survive in modern society. Who are we? Scroll to your sign to get the answer!